A Man Dressed Like A Bat

Hello and welcome back to another week of fabricated fictions and patent prevarications here at Factually Deficient! This week, I will answer a question forwarded to Factually Deficient’s attention by the entity known as Krika. The question, referring to the molding on the chestplate of a certain renowned Bat-man, asked:

Are they representative of the anatomy of actual bats?

It is important to note right off the bat that Factually Deficient does not own the rights to discuss proprietary secrets regarding any specific Bat-men, and as such, will instead discuss the hypothetical reality of vigilante men dressed as bats in general. The answers, however, remain the same.

Bats are mammals. They lactate. As such, they have all the necessary anatomy for lactation, including mammaries and nipples from which to lactate (not unlike the molding in question). It is unquestionable that this molding is intended to mimic almost perfectly the anatomy of actual bats.

However: with only a few notable exceptions, it is female bats who lactate and who are therefore thusly endowed. A male bat would have entirely different anatomy, including scales and feathers. It therefore follows that our vigilante men dressed as bats are vigilante men dressed not just as any bats, but as female bats.

This should, in fact, come as no surprise. Bats are known in the animal world for their social sexual dimorphism. The female of the species are known as the more violent, vengeful, and vehement; they are the powerful fighters, the ones who proactively seek out predators that prey on bats and preemptively kill them off. Male bats are the homebodies, roosting on their nests to scare off any bat-eating predators that made it past the female bats’ scourge.

It is no accident that vigilante men dressed as bats are dressed as female bats, down to the anatomical molding on their costumes; it is the vigilanteism of female bats, the vindictiveness with which they destroy any animal which might otherwise attack a bat, which inspires them in their nightly quests against crime.


Disclaimer: the above post is pure speculation. We do not personally know any vigilante men dressed as female bats.


Basement Visitors

Hello and welcome back to another week of spurious sayings and unfounded rumour here at Factually Deficient! Today is a day when many people celebrate love in its various forms, and what do any of us love more than lies? Nothing, that’s what. So my gift to you, today on this day of days, is more lies.

This week, I will answer a question posed to me by the inestimable Tohrinha:

Who’s living in my basement?

This is an excellent question, worth wondering about, and Tohrinha is lucky enough to have come to the right place.

Basements are rooms that reach beneath a house, underground, deep, down, into the earth, often stretching down and across for miles of uncharted territory. Frequently rivers and even a small lake or two will run through a person’s basement, forming moats around mysterious islands on which buried treasure or buried curses lie. And while some basements can be accessed through a simple staircase or trapdoor, others, especially the hidden basements lurking beneath apartments and hotel rooms, appear in mysterious ways – after opening a wardrobe three times with your left hand, or when the window is jammed in a position exactly halfway between open and closed, or if you look under the bed with one eye closed and one foot hooked up on the mattress.

It is useful, therefore, to know about the life that lurks beneath your home in these vast and terrible basements. A better question for Tohrinha to ask, however, would be not who, but what is living in her basement, for too often, the spectres that make their homes and nests in these dank rooms are too far removed from humanity to be deemed a “who”.

While Factually Deficient provides ample research grants, my team has not yet had the opportunity to venture to Tohrinha’s basement and identify what is living in her basement specifically, but I can offer guidelines in general as to the types of life that can be found in basements.

There are three types of basement life, and depending on your basement, you may experience one or even all three of them:

  1. Press an ear against the walls. If your basement is too ominous to enter, any wall of your house will do. If you hear whispering, which may be full-fledged sentences and may only be indistinct portions of words, it likely means that you have a living basement. In this case, it is not a who or what living in your basement, but the basement itself which is alive, and sentient. Don’t go in there if it might be hungry.
  2. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. More relevant to us is the corollary to that statement: where there’s water, there are sea monsters. If your basement is of the type to have rivers and lakes, there is a near-certainty that some type of beast lurks deep in that underwater abyss. Shine a light upon the water. If the water is clear, your lake monster is appeased with you. Don’t change anything you do in your house, in case that upsets the balance. If the water is an inky black, move. Sell your house if you can, but don’t stay longer than a week, even if you cannot. Flee that place.
  3. Some basements have a pleasant, airy feeling, giving you the impression that there is nothing sinister about them at all. Do not trust this. If your basement makes you feel this way, it means something sinister deep within is trying to lure you close. There is a breed of basement-dwelling raccoons who feast on human souls, and have the ability to affect your emotions. However, if you fill the basement with bats, they will devour the unholy raccoons, thereby saving you and all who come near your house.

Basements are dangerous places. Please keep in mind that a little knowledge is never worth a lot of danger; do not venture into your basement to conduct these tests alone. When in doubt, make up something that sounds reasonable and commit to it, rather than doing any potentially risky research.


Disclaimer: The above post is cobbled together from lies, fictions, and absurdities. There are no known cases of raccoons magically affecting a person’s emotions.