Palindrome Pullup

Hello and welcome to another week of procrastinated prevarication here at Factually Deficient! This week, I will be answering a question posed by the impeccable Tohrinha – and allow me to take this opportunity to remind my patient readers that I accept questions at all hours of the day or night, through any method of communication known to man or plant, on any subject whatsoever – no lie is too small (or great) for us at Factually Deficient to take on!

Tohrinha asked:

What is a palindrome?

Tohrinha has made a habit of asking questions on dangerous, volatile topics, and this eve is no exception. A palindrome is evidence of evil, alive in our world. A palindrome is a damned Eden, madness threatening our fragile stability even now.

But forgive my maudlin musings. I will explain presently the sagas that refer to what, in fact, a palindrome is.

At exactly the hour of noon, once in every ten or so years, radar devices will pick up a strange signal: a test, set to catch the unwise. Each time, some brave sirs and madams will take it into their heads to follow this signal, and see where it leads. As to where it leads? Factually Deficient has put hours of research into this, and we can as yet name no one man or woman who has returned alive and sane from following this radar to tell what it signifies.

Time has had no bearing on this strange phenomenon. Now people set out after this eerie radar in spaceships, where once they went in cars, and before that by kayak, and before that by foot. The stats do not look good.

This conundrum, this civic danger, this siren radar that lures our fellows off in the night, never to be seen or heard from again – this is what we call a palindrome. And heaven help anyone who detects one.


Disclaimer: the above post is a work of fiction. No lemon, no melon was harmed in the writing of this post.


Questions! Comments!

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