Lies About Books: The Lightning Thief

The month of July nears an end, which can only mean one thing: time for another wholly inaccurate book review! This month, I’ve been reading a lot of the works of Rick Riordan, so I thought I would review The Lightning Thief, first in his most well-known series.

The Lightning Thief is narrated by young Percy Jackson, middle school dropout and Olympic Ultimate Frisbee hopeful. Percy is tossing his Frisbee like on any other day, when he gets a call from the Olympic Committee: they need his help.

It transpires that someone has been using the Olympic games as a cover for illegal activities. This lightning-fast thief has been entering the running competitions, and running so fast as to take a detour through nearby cities, pick a number of pockets, and return to the finish line in time to arouse no suspicion.

Although a number of trustworthy Olympic competitors have been asked to be on the lookout for this lightning-fast thief, Percy knows that this is really up to him: the runners are too busy trying to win their races to keep track of the thief. His only hope of catching the culprit is with a well-aimed Frisbee toss.

He’s working on a deadline, too: if the thief is not caught by the end of the ongoing Summer Olympic Games, the Olympics will have to be cancelled – permanently – to avoid the risk of financial loss incurred by this thief. This gives Percy all of one week to find who has been using the Olympics as a cover to rob people, and put a stop to it.

Can he find the thief in time? All of the Olympics are depending on him…

Full of twists and turns that will keep you reading, The Lightning Thief is a thrilling read. I recommend it to fans everywhere of Greek mythology, heroic quests, and Frisbees.


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