Do The Math

Hello and welcome back to another late-starting week here at Factually Deficient, ever punctual with perversions of the truth and vile calumnies. This week, I will answer a question posed in a comment by JR. JR asked:

Why is Math such a difficult subject?

Math is not by nature difficult. It stands to reason that as much as is known today in mathematics would not be known if the subject were near-impossible; obviously it is possible to succeed. But there is a great obstacle to that success, and that obstacle is the will of the mathematics itself.

As members of the Rock Kingdom, every number can smell fear. They know, instinctively, whether you feel totally at ease or not when you are dealing with them, and if you are not skittish, then perversely, they will buck, and rear, and change in any way they can to make you jump with fright. The numbers do not want you to feel safe.

I say perversely, but perhaps that assessment is not fair. After all, the “perverse” tendency of the numbers, like so many members of the Rock Kingdom, to present themselves as unapproachable, is a naturally developed defense mechanism. While some numbers are petrivores, eaters of harmless rocks, others are numerivores – numbers that eat other numbers. To the relief of the petrivores, this can only take place under certain circumstances: ideally inside a warm brain, and only when both numbers are fully understood.

Therefore, most numbers will try to avoid human understanding, lest they enter the brain and become prime targets as prey to their fellow numbers.


Disclaimer: The above blog post was entirely fictitious. Math is not always hard.


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