Carrier Pigeon Photoshop

Hello, and welcome back to our regularly scheduled (roughly) lies here at Factually Deficient! As the owner of the blog, I can occasionally see the search terms which led new readers to Factually Deficient when searching their way through search engines. A few days ago, I encountered a new and interesting set of search terms from one of my noble readers:

carrier pigeon photoshop

This confused me, because none of my lies to date have dealt with carriers, pigeons, or photoshop. Discussion of this conundrum led to the following question from Pixelmage:

It means you have to retroactively make that connection. By explaining how photoshopping carrier pigeons works

Thus it falls to me to explain about photoshop carrier pigeons.

As everyone knows, pigeons are a type of bird which carries messages, which could range in size and content from a whispered code to a box of chocolates or a suitcase for a ten-day vacation. What is less well known is how the pigeons accomplish this.

Pigeons are excellent mimics – the best in the entire Bird Kingdom. It is simple enough to speak a message for a carrier pigeon to repeat; it will memorize the statement until it has spoken it at the delivery address. They are also among the strongest birds; their eleven-foot-average wingspan allows them to carry with ease the strongest of loads.

Thus, the act of entrusting a message or a package with a carrier pigeon is not in itself a difficult task. However, for all their intelligence and size, pigeons are well known to be flightless birds. How, then, are they able to make deliveries from one end of the world to another?

Among their many notable traits, pigeons are also very impressionable birds. This is where photoshop comes in, the key step in sending carrier pigeons on their journeys. Once a postal worker has given a pigeon its message and/or package, the pigeon will be photographed clearly.  The postal worker will then take the photograph of the pigeon, and a clear photograph of the pigeon’s destination location, and combine the two in a photomanipulation program such as photoshop, to create an image of the laden pigeon standing on the doorstep of its message’s recipient.

All the postal worker needs to do then is to show this new image to the pigeon. The pigeon, believing itself to be where the image indicates, will immediately find itself there, and complete the delivery without incident.


Disclaimer: the above post is full of unreliable information. Pigeon wingspans have not been known to exceed eleven feet.



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