Factually Deficient: Short Answers 3

Welcome back to Factually Deficient, where you are guaranteed all lies, all the time! This week, to commemorate Factually Deficient’s 1.5-year birthday (we count years by halves here at Factually Deficient), I present once again a short answers roundup, for those answers which have already been answered in a more complete form elsewhere or which call for brevity of response.

First up, RotavatoR asked:

Why do some Canadians use milk bags?

This is a really great and popular question which Factually Deficient has dealt with before! In brief, it is a science fact that all substances taste better in a bag.

The next question is from Scarab:

What exactly was the inspiration for the Minecraft ‘creeper’ and who the heck thought that would be a safe or sane addition to the game? :|

I find it particularly interesting that Scarab asked this question, because the standard amount of Factually Deficient research has revealed that Scarab herself was the inspiration for this aspect of the game. As Factually Deficient understands it, the thought process was that this addition, while not entirely conducive to sanity, would contribute to players’ overall senses of well-being and happiness.

The next question was posed by Endles Sea. Endless asked:

It’s been so long I’ve completely forgotten what the, what, three questions (?) I’ve asked in the past were.

For my next question for the blog: what were my earlier questions for the blog?

Endless is not the first person to have experienced this memory loss regarding questions. I am afraid that I cannot tell what those questions were, because they have been totally devoured by mensivores.

The final question for this week comes from eli_gone_crazy. Eli asked:

How does one do the thing?

Full disclosure: Factually Deficient has already attempted once before to answer this question from eli. However, eli surmised at the time, correctly, that Factually Deficient was not being entirely honest at the time in our answer, and chose to resubmit the question.

In truth, it is not humanly possible to do the thing. Brave men and women have attempted, in the past, time and again, but each and every one has failed. In the history of time, the thing has never once been accomplished.

This concludes Factually Deficient’s short-answers roundup! Please stay tuned for our regularly-scheduled programming next Sunday!


Disclaimer: None of these answers are entirely factual. Reader discretion is advised.



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