Dogs and Sweaters

Hello and welcome back to another week of reliable lying here at Factually Deficient! This week, I am answering a question posed by my friend Tohrinha. Tohrinha asked:

What’s the fascination with dogs and sweaters?

One must understand, first of all, that dogs are easily fascinated creatures. Sweaters have as much power as anything else to hold a dog’s interest–which is to say, a great deal of power indeed.

Yet there can be no doubt that the fascination sweaters hold for dogs is greater than most other objects, or Tohrinha would not have asked so specifically about sweaters. What is it about sweaters that proves so captivating to the canine mind?

Most dogs, as many people know, come pre-equipped with their own coats of fur, which keep them both warm and cuddly at all times. Naturally, then, they may see sweaters as a sort of kindred spirit–another thing which is inherently warm, and often cuddly. Perhaps part of the attraction of sweaters to dogs is the dogs’ ability to see something of themselves in sweaters.

Perhaps what most fascinates dogs about sweaters, though, is how they are different. Very few dogs are born with pockets in their fur, while sweaters are all but characterized by the presence of handy places to store small items. Many dogs, therefore, take their obsession with sweaters beyond the point of mere ideation, and go so far as to wear them–despite the similarity between the sweaters and themselves–for the benefit of the pockets, as well as the experience of closeness with something that holds so much fascination for them.


Disclaimer: some of the statements in this blog post are incorrect. Few to no dogs have ever been born with pockets.


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