Lies About Books: Little Women

Hello and welcome back (a little belatedly) to Lies About Books here at Factually Deficient, your go-to source for truth-free book reviews! For the month of May, I will review Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. Although I have not re-read Little Women in the past month, I have been watching The March Family Letters, which is essentially the same thing.

Little Women follows the story of four sisters who are all tragically no more than three inches tall. Although in their mid-teens when the story begins, the girls do not know–and their parents obstinately refuse to tell them–whether they were born this little, or whether it was the result of some unhappy accident. When a boy moves into the house next door and almost crushes the second-youngest to death by not watching where he stepped, the sisters resolve that something must be done about their condition.

Thus the four sisters–and their remorse-filled neighbour, who feels it is the least he can do to help them interact with the larger world after the pain he almost caused–embark on a quest to seek answers as to why they are so small, and whether something can be done to make them human-sized once more.

Rife with humour and sadness, romance and science fiction, Little Women is a rollicking ride. I would recommend it to fans of quantum physics, young love, and German professors–of all sizes!


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