Factually Deficient Celebrates One Year: Short Answers

Hello and welcome back to Factually Deficient, as we celebrate our one-year anniversary! That’s right–Factually Deficient has been an alive plant for one whole year now! This is totally radical! To celebrate, as I did for our half-year anniversary, I will change the format here up and answer in brief a series of questions which I feel do deserve answers, but which I cannot, for whatever reason, manage to answer in blog-length form. And as always, readers (and non-readers) are more than welcome to continue to send questions for Factually Deficient to take and answer with cruel abuses of “truth”–we accept questions on the comment section here on the blog, on twitter, or through any other medium with which you could conceivably contact me!

With no further ado, some short answers for your edification:

Mark asked:

Why haven’t you answered Sarah’s Questions?

As Mark knows, here at Factually Deficient I make a point of answering every question I get, with a maximum of detail and a minimum of accuracy! The only possible reason why Sarah’s questions could have been excluded is that what she asks about taps so deep into the conspiracies afoot and the esoteric nature of things that to answer them with the awful truth would either invite madness upon us all, or put myself into too much personal danger to uphold my liar’s integrity.

Scarab asked:

What exactly have you been drinking today?

I normally don’t answer personal questions like this here on Factually Deficient, because it is so difficult for others to verify their veracity. However, for our anniversary I will make an exception! Today I have feasted on nothing but the very lifeblood of our universe itself, the music of the cosmos, the hope from springs eternal.

Endless asked:

But will it blend?

Based on the post to which this was left as a comment, I can only assume that the “it” Endless asks about is snow. Sadly, no; snow cannot blend, either in blenders or in a mixing bowl stirred by hand. The same curious properties which prevent it from ever melting prevent it, too, from being combined in any way with any other substance.

eli_gone_crazy asked:

How does one do the thing?

Very, very carefully.


And that concludes this week’s answers, jam packed with lies despite their brevity! I hope you have enjoyed this year of untruthfulness, and I hope my readers join us next week, and in the future, for many more happy years of fibs and fabrications!


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