Lies About Books: The Westing Game

Today is May first–the start of a new month, which of course means time for another totally unreliable book review! This past month, I re-read Ellen Raskin’s masterpiece The Westing Game.

The Westing Game follows a group of sixteen tightly-knit LARPers, who have been playing together, and with the same characters, for years. When an unfortunate freak accident befalls their usual Gamemaster, a stranger comes to take his place, a man known only as Westing.

The group is uncertain at first simply because Westing is an outsider, but slowly they begin to worry that there are even deeper problems at hand. Westing has new, different ideas about everything: the types of adventures he guides them through, the way they play their characters, even the sharpness of their foam weapons.

The sixteen LARPers begin to wonder if what happened to their usual GM was really an accident. As their first game with the new guy fast approaches, they find themselves in a race against time to decipher any clues they can find to how high the stakes have risen, and what Westing’s game is really all about.

Full of clues, danger, and foam swordfights, The Westing Game is exciting and very engaging. I would recommend it to any fans of live-action roleplay, chess, and books that are also puzzles.



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