Dinosaurs Not Dead

Hello and welcome back to another week of deceit and untrustworthiness here at Factually Deficient! Some of you may think that this post title has been used before. That is an unjust lie.

And speaking of lies, I have a question that I would like to answer from my friend Annie. She asked:

Why are dinosaurs not around anymore?

This is an excellent question, one that has haunted many of us over the years. Why aren’t dinosaurs around? After all, they had a booming civilization, and a highly advanced society, with state-of-the art technology that far surpasses our own.

What’s more, dinosaurs were at the top of the food chain; they ate members of the Plant Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, and the Mold Kingdom! Despite their small stature, it is difficult to believe that they could have simply died out.

And if you, too, find yourself doubting their extinction, you would be absolutely correct. It is a welldocumented fact that dinosaurs had access to time travel long before their mysterious disappearance. What is less documented but no less true is that as time wore on, dinosaurs found themselves incredibly bored with the entertainment and excitement available to them in their era.

So as a species, they collectively decided to abandon their time, and travel forward in future to a more exciting one, full of interesting people, good television shows, and worthwhile webcomics. They knew there was no guarantee of there ever being such a time in the future, but still they put their confidence in the promise of the passage of time as the healer of boredom and ennui.

And so, as we become more interesting ourselves, more exciting, we should know: soon, the dinosaurs will be here. They are waiting for our entertainment.


Disclaimer: Not all the facts in this blog are true. All requests for more accurate information regarding dinosaurs and/or time travel should be directed to Mr. Ryan North.


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