Factually Deficient: The Blog Based on Blatant Lies

I’ve been thinking a lot about things I like to do. I like to give people advice and inform people. I like to make up lies (or as some writers call it, “fiction”). And then I thought: what if I combined the two! What if there were a way for me to advise people with absolute falsehoods?

But wouldn’t that be unethical? I mean, I don’t want to lead people astray! Ah, but once again, I have the solution: if my lies are so obvious that nobody would ever mistake them for truth, then I won’t have to feel bad at all!

And thus this blog was born. Here, my outlet to answer people’s questions about science, history, and anything else that’s not my area of expertise with absurd fictions that five seconds of browsing google results will contradict.


I will try to update this on a sort of regular basis, but I’m going to need some help from you, the general public– after all, I can hardly answer questions if I don’t have any questions! (Well, I can, because I can make them up just like I make up the answers. But it’s probably more fun if I don’t.) So I am opening up this blog, throwing the doors wide open, begging you to send me your question on absolutely anything. I promise that my answer will not be accurate.


17 thoughts on “Factually Deficient: The Blog Based on Blatant Lies

    • AN EXCELLENT QUESTION, my good sir! I should rather have said that all the answers that are given as posts in the blog (this answer, of course, not in that group, being a comment and not a post) are total fabrications; statements about the nature of the blog itself are PROBABLY trustworthy.

      To narrativedilettante and Tohrinha– thank you so much for your excellent questions! I look forward to answering them with laughably wrong assertions in the coming weeks!

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